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About Us

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Chris Corgnati


Chris Corgnati is a retired Navy Captain and business executive with extensive experience in both the federal and private sector. As a Commanding Officer, he led 400 Sailors conducting high temp military flight operations across the globe and then oversaw the Navy’s $2.5B portfolio of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance programs.

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As a C-Suite leader he led two different startup unmanned aircraft manufacturing and services companies and has consulted for a diverse set of commercial and government clients. Chris holds a BS, Business Administration from Villanova University and a MS, Information Technology Management from the Naval Postgraduate School.

 Client Focused Services

CJC Strategic Consulting provides executive management and advisory services to a diverse set of clients, primarily focused on aerospace and defense.


C-Suite Executive Leadership & Coaching

·      Provide confidential direct support, assessments, and coaching to senior executives.

·      Conduct assessments of client culture and organizational execution and help leaders create a structure to achieve their goals.

·      Provide executive leadership during an M&A transition and implement required corporate restructuring.


M&A Support

·      Perform due diligence prior to an investment or acquisition on the buy side.

·      Prepare sell side materials and data room for companies preparing for an exit or merger.

·      Scouting and referral services for brokers and investors.

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Strategic Planning

·      Develop and review corporate strategies to identify risks and opportunities. With that as a starting point, we will collaboratively explore the competitive landscape to identify new markets, new opportunities, and new partnerships to reduce risk and accelerate growth.

·      Creates comprehensive execution plans based on client identified objectives and requirements.  From there we map key relationships, dependencies, and stakeholders to identify risks and opportunities.

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Operational Execution / Organizational Management

·      Advises clients on high tempo operational execution and risk management. Chris led a globally deployed Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance squadron with 10 aircraft, 12 aircrews and 400 personnel conducting sensitive operations from multiple locations and continents.

·      Evaluates and makes recommended changes to organizational structure to ensure alignment with leadership goals and objectives.


Business Development

·      Works with your BD team to build a pipeline in time and depth with qualified opportunities to expand your backlog and drive future growth.

·      Develops strategic capture plans for key pursuits and identifies key partners and competitors to ensure a winning team.

·      Provides advisory services to companies preparing for major capture efforts by conducting Black Hat reviews of requirements, customers, and likely competitors to avoid costly pursuits with low probability of win.

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